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For several individuals, a summer escapade means one thing, the beach, and if you’re dedicated to finding the best beaches, Croatia beaches could be an ideal option. The primary tourist attraction of Croatia has always been its beaches. The Croatia islands and Adriatic coast are lines with the excellent beaches, which abound within the natural harbors, along with its countless marinas, ports, and bays.

Croatia provides 1.103 miles (1.778 kilometers) of the seaside from which you may run out of its mainland. Aside from this, you may still find more than 1,000 islands to select from. Among these islands 66 are inhabited with added 2.487 miles (4.012 kilometers) of the seaside.

Several wonderful beaches you can find in the area

An ideal beach means a unique thing to unique people. Therefore, if you are one of these people, looking at the quality beaches available, beach facilities, surrounding area, and scenery should be considered. Even though there are several Croatia beaches that you will find with qualities, there are some of them that contain one feature that is more predominant than the other.

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If you are looking for these beaches, the following could provide you a better idea on which beach to go to for spending a family vacation. These are the top recommended Croatia beaches (in no particular order) and areas from which you can make the most of your vacation.

  • Biograd na Moru was once considered as the Croatian kings’ crown city. But, today it is an updated nautical and tourist center within the mid of the Adriatic coast. This pleasing town is lying on the peninsula that is surrounded by a promenade and contemporary marinas from which it spreads memorable scenery to the channel of Pasman. There are also minute islands that are scattered around it.

biograd-na-moruPašman island

The island of Pasman ( 63 km2, 65 km of irregular coast ), is one of the Dalmatian island group. It is attached to the island of Ugljan by a bridge over the Zdrelac straits, while ferryboat lines connect it to Zadar and Biograd.

The Pasman Channel lies between the island and the mainland. At some parts, it is only 2 km wide, and it is filled with many small islands, which makes this a great place for all sorts of water sports, sailing and diving. The sea currents here switch direction every 6 hours, thus making the waters here among the cleanest in the entire Adriatic. The island’s well-preserved landscape contains many species of medicinal and aromatic herbs, vineyards, fields and olive groves, as well as many sand and gravel beaches, making it a valid choice for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life in more populated areas.

In recent years the Pasman island became known for spiritual retreats and workshops with group teachers from all over the world. The courses are known as Harmony program.

The Harmony program is a complete psychological and physical relaxation combined with cleansing the physical body and harmonizing the energy body employing: a balanced vegetarian diet, teas made of herbs that grow on the island, morning exercises, seminars, circle dance and other dance workshops.

  • Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) Beach. This beach contains a distinctive shape, just like a tongue in white that is stretched to the sea. It is also distinctive for the fact that it modifies position and shape, depending on the current wind. With the beauty it displays, offering different sports, the Zlatni rat beach appeals tourists worldwide. These tourists enjoy the water sports, the sun and the sea.

Zlatni rat beach

The Croatia’s maybe most known beach, Zlatni rat, can be found on Brac, the third largest island on Adriatic, and near the town Bol. Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) is a triangular split of shingle which changes shape daily in concomitance with seasonal tides and wind blowing.

  • Brela Beach. Brela is one of the most attractive villages found in Croatia, which is located on the beautiful 6 kilometers of pebbly white beach. It is surrounded by olive groves, pine woods and lovely fig trees. The Brela Beach gently slopes into the secure blue sea, which makes it a perfect location for family vacation with little children. The setting is indeed spectacular from which you can find white pebbles under the enormous Biokovo Mountain.
Brela beach

Brela beach

  • Banje Beach. This beach contains its own stylish restaurant, reception, café bar (just above the beach level), which is filled with futuristic low, white benches and deck chair, curved couches and lavish baldachins rentals, sun umbrella rentals, jet ski, water ski, banana and tuba drive, speed boats etc.

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Sakarun, Dugi Otok
No beach in Croatia whispers Tropics like this strip of silver sand before shallows of a jewel-like brilliance. Skip the so-so beachbars – save your money instead for cocktails back in gateway city Zadar. Too busy, too littered? Try Veli Zal south: pebbly but beautiful.

Dubovica, Hvar
Taxi boats from Hvar Town mean this arc of smooth white shingle gets busy – such is the price of fame on Croatia’s most glossy island. Something wilder? Try Jagodna, a pine-scrubbed notch in south coast cliffs with lapis lazuli water and miniature bays waiting to be discovered by adventurous swimmers.

Sunj, Lopud island
Take the footpath from a village the colour of old piano keys. Dip down from the ruined castle and you’ll find Sunj, painted in pale sand, azure water and dark green, aromatic pines. Ferry timetables swear you’re 50 minutes from Dubrovnik. It feels like decades.

Zrce, Pag
A Balearics in the Balkans when Zagreb superclubs set-up here for their summer holidays. Papaya, Noa and Aquarius are our choices. After which you’ll need Rucica: smooth pink pebbles, glassy water and nothing louder than sheep bells on our last visit. Bliss.

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Omis Beach, Omni

Known as the ‘Omis Riviera’, this is the place to go for soft golden sands, lush greenery and dramatic mountain scenery. The beach itself is made up of a selection of wide sandy stretches which is lined with beautiful green pine trees. Add the stunning, craggy mountain backdrop and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect beach scene

Queen’s Beach, Nin

A sweet stretch of sand that protrudes out into the turquoise sea within a small compact area lined with hip bars and cafes. It’s lined by green grassy dunes which add to the beautiful picture, and the medieval town is nearby for those who want to escape the sun for a while. Watersports lovers can enjoy good windsurfing and then relax by giving themselves a ready-made mud bath from the heath behind the beach. It’s also conveniently located than 10 miles from Zadar Airport.

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The above-mentioned beaches are only some of the Croatia beaches that you can find. There are several other wonderful beaches you can find in the area, so you need to make sure that you choose the best among them.

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