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Looking for a romantic getaway where you can soak up the sea and the sun? The Croatia Beaches should be at the top of your list. Along the beautiful Adriatic coast you’ll find some of the most fantastic beaches and many bays. They have plenty of private coves where you and your sweetheart can nestle together for some quality time together.


Plus there are over 1,000 islands to choose from, and only 66 are inhabited. Which means you could also find Croatia Beaches where your two sets up footprints are the only ones in the sand. Many of the resort destinations do not allow cars–pedestrian only. This is ideal for romantic walks and dining at sidewalk cafes. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. The streets are cobblestone, so not the best place to walk around in stilettos.

Does Croatia have sandy beaches?

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Why I Love Croatia beaches (and why you could like them too)

1: Croatia beaches are pebble beaches. Sand is messy, and it gets everywhere! It gets in your beach bag, your shoes, your clothes, hair, on your hands, even on your sandwich (and consequently in your mouth). You bring it in your car. You bring it home. And it’s there to stay… forever! Seriously, sand is like the best and the most annoying thing about a sand beach. Not a problem with a pebble beach, though! And Croatia has plenty of beautiful pebble beaches.

2: You know how they call a heavy paper with abrasive material – a SANDpaper. So after that sand gets everywhere, here comes the itchiness all over your body. Like a 20 grit sandpaper. Solution: a pebble beach! In Croatia!

3: Pebble beaches have excellent underwater visibility. Pebbles do not move as easily as sand, thus the sea stays clear. Good underwater visibility is really great for diving or snorkeling in Croatia.

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Our Tips On Beaches In Croatia
So what can you expect at Croatia beaches? Beaches in Croatia are mostly pebbly, and rocky. Underwater visibility is great. There are lots of shade at the beach, especially in Istria, where thick pine forests line the coastline.

While sandy beaches aren’t that common here, you can still find some of sandy beaches in Croatia.

Sea gets warm enough for swimming in June, and it stays warm throughout October. Average sea temperature in Croatia in June is around 22 °C; in July and August sea temperature in Croatia is around 24 °C; September sea temperature in Croatia is around 23 °C, and in October it drops down to 19 °C.

Beaches in Croatia aren’t wide, but rather a narrow stretch of pebbles, or rocks, with promenades and forests in the back. In and around coastal towns, beaches get crowded in July and August. These beaches in and near the towns have bars, restaurants, toilets, sport facilities, as well as other conveniences.

You can also find in Croatia what we call here wild beaches. They aren’t particularly wild in any real sense. But it just means that they are harder to reach, don’t have on-site facilities, or that facilities are very basic.

Many beaches in Croatia are also clothing-optional. Some beaches publicly announce this, but not all, and mostly present at designated Croatia beaches called FKK, or on those wild beaches.

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The following are 3 Croatia Beaches great for romance.

Hvar Island – is a pedestrian-only island and does not allow cars. The best way to get to the island is to charter a private boat or take the Ferry from the town of Split. You can rent a sailboat, motorboat, catamaran or yacht. There are over 400 boat rentals with their skipper in Croatia; so no worries if you’ve never handled a boat before.

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The Croatia Beaches in Hvar are some of the most beautiful and hippest destinations you’ll find. In the July and August peak season, the beaches are packed. Do not to plan your romantic getaway during those times. Remember, the goal is to spend time together and not with thousands of tourist. For accommodation on Hvar check here.

1. A well-known acclaimed by CNN as the best beach, in Hvar, is Sv. Jerolim on Sveti Jerolim’s island. The island is beautiful and isolated. It’s a perfect little hideaway for you and your sweetie. Outdoor showers are available if you need to wash off the sand. There are also a few restaurants on the beach to enjoy some lunch.

2. Another great beach is Zlatni Rat on the Brac island near Bol town, the Golden Horn beach has a beautiful sandbar. There are plenty of restaurants, interesting cafes and lots of water sports for fun activities. You can also dance the evening away at the numerous nightclubs. Or share a glass of wine at one of the outdoor bars. For accommodations on Bol click here.

This spit of land is often referred to as the Golden Cape and essentially forms one large beach, with a lush pine grove in the middle. Inside this grove you’ll find the remains of a Roman rustic villa, which makes for a nice, shady excursion. Regularly referred to as one of the top beaches in the world, Zlatni Rat forms a unique V shape and extends into the Adriatic Sea’s Hvar Channel.

It’s a great option for those looking to get a taste of the real European style of beaching—or those who want to avoid tanlines. How to get there? Opt for a scenic ferry ride, which departs from many oft-frequented cities, like Split. While the island may sound remote, you can actually rent beach beds and umbrellas, and there are also low-key eateries and showers nearby. In case you needed another reason to go, there are a variety of water sports offered, which include jet skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, and more.

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Zlatni Rat

The Zlatni Rat beach. The sea and wind change daily the beach configuration

3. A third option is Kandalora beach on the Rab island which has several private coves. Here you also have the option to bare it all.  It is easy to reach and charge a small fee to enter.

One of the best places to stay for your romantic getaway in Hvar is the Adriana Spa Hotel. The hotel has an indoor seawater pool on an upper floor with a sundeck next to it. Get a room with a terrace overlooking the bay and a Jacuzzi tub for two.

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Most couples are leading busy and hectic lives these days. If that sounds like you than taking a romantic vacation is an excellent way to reconnect with that someone special. So ignite that passion and flame the fires of romance on a Croatia beaches getaway.

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